Physiotherapy can be of benefit to any animal. It can help with such a wide range of issues including maintenance, mobility and post-op recovery. Unlike humans our animal’s cannot tell what hurts and where, therefore a physiotherapeutic assessment by a trained professional provides a unique opportunity for areas your animal may be in pain or discomfort to be identified. Whether they enjoy leisurely walks or competitive sports the range of treatments Driscoll Therapy offers will be of benefit to your animal.



As a veterinary physiotherapist I am trained in the use of a wide range of treatments and manual therapies which means I have lots of tools in my belt to help provide your animal with the best treatment possible. Because I am also trained in treating humans and have done so for the past few years, I am lucky enough to have been able to train my massage and assessment skills using humans that can verbalise when something hurts etc which I feel has provided me with additional experience with my palpation and massage skills.

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It is a legal requirement for consent to be given by your animal’s veterinarian prior to treatment. This applies to anyone providing treatment to an animal that is not a veterinarian. Its quick and easy to! You can either download my form, and after filling out basic details about your animal give it to your vet to sign (either via email or by printing the form and filling it out that way), or you can call your vet and verbally ask for their permission and sign the form declaring that you have gained veterinary consent. I am more than happy to help and call your veterinarian for to ask permission if needed, please just ask.


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