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Veterinary Physiotherapy | Human Sports Massage

Let me help increase mobility, improve performance and optimise recovery of you, or your animal

What are you looking for?

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Veterinary Physiotherapy can help...

  • Maintain your horse's condition and optimise their work

  • Speed recovery after injury/surgery

  • Increase performance

  • Aid in wound healing and more...

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Sports massage therapy can help...

  • Reduce the restriction caused by tight muscles

  • Speed recovery after injury

  • Increase performance

  • Aid in decreasing pain and more...

Canine Treatment

Equine Treatment

Human Treatment

Veterinary Physiotherapy can help...

  • Optimise and speed recovery after injury/surgery

  • Increase their mobility and quality of life

  • Manage pain and stiffness

  • Increase performance and more...

See some case studies below
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Through the past year, I have supported Rocket through diagnosis of suspensory desmitis and his associated surgery. As you can see, he is now fighting fit and back to doing what he loves.


From beach gallops to pony club camp, Rocket is enjoying everything.


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'Can’t thank you enough for all your work with Ace, he’s feeling the best he’s ever felt and is finally learning to enjoy physio with you. Highly recommend'

- Ace's Mum - 



Dudley has had a recent diagnosis of elbow dysplasia and osteoarthritis which his owner is wanting to manage conservatively with the help of physiotherapy.

Dudley has been a physiotherapy star. He's able to to continue doing what he enjoys and have an active lifestyle with his owner.

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Some of our lucky hounds have had a visit from Steph from Driscoll Therapy recently. She’s worked wonders on all of them, especially Pip who came to us with multiple racing injuries. She has a wonderful way with the hounds and always provides 5 start treatment.

- Accolade Hounds -

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A massive thank you to Steph at Driscoll Therapy. Making the time to book this session for myself was lovely this evening. The massage was amazing, I have not felt so relaxed and ‘in the moment’



'Steph works wonders, never felt so good. The first time in a long time I've had a pain free shoulder'

Where am I?

I have a canine/human treatment space for clients in Northamptonshire (just near Oundle).


However I also offer mobile treatments (for horses, dogs and humans) in Bedfordshire and Essex.

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